The spine stretching of your baby takes one year before it is completed. You can support this process by carrying and laying down your baby appropriately

Curvation of baby`s back = healthy back

Babies are born with a rounded spine, attributed to the position they have in the womb during pregnancy. Gradually, the form of the spine changes from c-shape to double s-shape.

The muscles of a newborn do not support the back and intervertebral discs because they are to weak to hold the weight of the body. Keeping your suckling as often as possible in a rounded position during the first months is very important for the development of the spinal column.

The development of the can be divided into three parts

  1. The development of the seven cervical vertebra has finished by the time your child is able to lift up, turn and hold its head unassisted.
  2. After that, the development of the flexors and extensors begins. The whole spinal part with its twelve thoracic vertebra starts to expand. This development has finished as soon as your baby can sit unassisted.
  3. Afterwards, the development of the five lumbar vertebras begins. This stretching has finished when your child is able to walk.

You can positively support the development by carrying and laying down your baby appropriately. It is not advisable to use a baby rocker or child car seat. These seats bend your baby’s lumbar spine. The weight of the disproportionately large and heavy head compresses the lumbar region and strains the intervertebral discs.

Baby hammocks like our NONOMO® Baby Hammock support the development of the rounded back due to its natural back position. Please take note that the whole body weight is allocated onto the whole body. Make sure, that tailbone, occiput and hip get relieve

Baby in Hammock Baby in Hammock