We have asked you, "What’s stressing you about Christmas? And what strategies do you have to handle this?”

Anna R., mother of three and our expert for breastfeeding, babywearing and baby-sleeping has collected your views and the best tips.

Stress Factors


The point Shopping is outstandingly leading. It doesn't matter whether it's groceries or gifts. Apparently many people are really stressed out from shopping, which probably has something to do with the apocalypse mood that spreads in the shops during the Christmas season and especially before the holidays.

paper shopping bags paper shopping bags

Organisation and contagious stress

In second place is to get the organization of all celebrations and relatives sorted. Many suffer from the high expectations, be it their own or those of others.

And as if one's own stress wasn't enough, there are still “the others” on top of it. The other people who are stressed out, who are also rummaging around in the supermarket, who are also desperately looking for presents and have already become unfriendly and elbowed out. The stress of others infects and exponentiates one's own.

Strategy against christmas stress

The early bird...

The most frequently mentioned strategy against Christmas stress is to get the gifts early or complete the purchase online. Many treat themselves to something to calm down: Crepe, mulled wine, biscuits and tea on the sofa, even to let five be straight and to breeeeeathe through belong to your tips. It is best not to let yourself be stressed in the first place, plan well and consciously keep days off in your calendar and only spend them with your family or children. It's best to go shopping early in the morning or late in the evening, reduce perfectionism and: smile.

Coffee and cookies Coffee and cookies


The feast can be divided, everyone brings something to Christmas Eve, so that not one single person has to do it all in the kitchen. You are allowed to get help - a cleaning help, your parents-in-law or your best friend? You don't have to do everything on your own. Mulled wine can be a good advisor. You don't have to overdo it. ;) In order to escape the traffic, you might just walk?! This decelerates twice.

Obviously the increased consumer pressure around Christmas does not get us very well. After all four families have completely abolished the gifts among themselves and now enjoy only the get-together.

When nothing helps anymore

Some solve it smart and go on holiday at Christmas time. Alternatively, the partner takes a holiday and the preparations are spread over several shoulders.

Three families are only restless because they wait acutely for the new generation, which is to adjust around Christmas. We are feverish with you!

But quite some of you are not actually stressed at all and simply enjoy the festive season. Of course, this requires good planning and a good portion of inner calmness.

Christmas design socks are visible while a woman enjoys her coffee on the sofa Christmas design socks are visible while a woman enjoys her coffee on the sofa