Our swinging hammock on a sailing trip: NONOMO set sail with family Lübeck and joined Katrin, Markus and Baby Luis on their adventure: with the sailboat to the island!

The Lübeck family sets sail 

A life at sea, for some, it is the ultimate dream of freedom.... Just getting out for a while and sailing the seas in a sailboat. Being here today, there tomorrow. Discovering ports, cities, countries and people, and life at sea.

Katrin and Markus have lived the dream and spent a sabbatical year on their 10m sailing yacht "Herr Nilsson" between the North Sea and the Azores. But now an additional passenger is coming on board: Baby Luis is to join them on the big voyage.  Can the plan be realized in the same way with a child?

NONOMO® set sail with the Lübecks and accompanied the little family on their adventure: Leaving Takatuka!


In the middle of June (16.06.) we left the Rhine-Main area fully packed to get our "Herr Nilsson" out of hibernation in Oostende. It was almost two years ago when we took our ship out of the water in Oostende at the end of our one-year time-out at sea. 
Before we could set sail, we had to change some things on board for our new crew member. In addition to a car seat on deck, we installed a seaworthy play corner, among other things. But where is the best place for a baby to sleep on a boat? The thought of a hammock is not far away for seafarers. And so, without further ado, we prepared a suspension for the NONOMO® hammock
Luis felt right at home on board. Since the weather played along and the wind was blowing from the right direction (in this case from the west), we were able to set off on June 20. Because you have to pay attention to current strength and direction in the tidal waters of the North Sea, we left 3 hours after low tide in the direction of the Netherlands. 

Cast off!

Our first tour was quite relaxed with bright sunshine and good mood. Luis was happy about the slight rocking of the ship in the North Sea waves and enjoyed the view from his "lookout" in the cockpit. 
From Cadzand with its beautiful beach, we turned into the Staande Mastroute canal via the Oosterschelde (due to the current) at a rapid 8 knots speed to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the wonderful cities of Zeeland for the next stages. Sailing through the canals towards Amsterdam also allowed us to be underway regardless of the tides, waves and wind. 

Dreaming of Amsterdam

Such a gentle rocking and the fresh sea air make you tired. With a bottle in his hand, Luis was allowed to try out the NONOMO® hammock for a nap on the very first leg of the journey. He discovered a new favorite place for himself there. In order to be able to pass through Amsterdam as a sailing ship, you have to wait for the night and register for the passage at the "Nieuwe Meer" at the Port Control. From 00:00 o'clock one is then allowed to pass in convoy. 
Many ships did not come together that night. Just three other sailors wanted to start the nightly passage through Amsterdam together with us. Perhaps it was due to the summer thunderstorm that was brewing. We were also slightly queasy when at 23:00 the sky over Amsterdam was filled with thunder and lightning. Luis slept through both the thunderstorm and his first night ride in the summer rain. We, on the other hand, enjoyed it very much and toasted together with a white wine from home at the end of the passage. At 03:00 in the morning we fell tired into the bunk. 

Land in sight 

After the passage to Amsterdam, we immediately cast off again and sailed towards the Ijsselmeer. There, with plenty of wind, we were able to make good distance and, after a seven-hour tour under sail, we docked in the port of Enkhuizen, where we met a sailing family who had been on their way south with us in 2016. Their youngest son is only one day younger than Luis and seems to enjoy life on the ship as much as our light sailor. 
The wind picked up to 6 Beaufort during the day. In the following days it should increase to gale force. For us, this meant making ourselves comfortable in the ship, hooking up the NONOMO® and taking a short break from the last legs. 
Well rested, we were able to tackle the last leg. After the wind had dropped a little, we weighed anchor again to sail further through the Wadden Sea to Texel, the destination of our journey. 

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